The Author

Lester Lakey
The following is a brief background of me, purposefully leaving out the details of my past adventures for the time being. This is a work in progress so I will develop this in the future but for now…

I was born in 1979 and raised in southwest Missouri. Shortly after graduating high school, I enlisted into the navy. I was a submariner for five years on a fast attack submarine, which being a submariner and a part of a bureaucratic institution I was bound to come across a few characters and outrageous experiences that would help my writing later in life.

I completed my enlistment in 2002 and enrolled in college at Missouri State University where I earned a BA in anthropology and eventually an MS in applied anthropology. Currently, my profession is an archaeologist.

Writing has been a growing and developing passion of mine for years. This passion has itsme roots back when I was a student in elementary school, and only when I was coming into adulthood did this drive for writing begin to sprout. The elementary school hosted an annual Career Day at the school that I attended. On one particular Career Day during, I walked into a presentation on writing as a career. I don’t remember the woman speaker’s name, but during her talk, she was looking around the room. “Some of you have that writer’s spark,” she said as she scanned the room. Her eyes fell upon mine and it felt that she was staring right at me as she said those last words, “that writer’s spark.” That experience stuck with me, but as I have mentioned, only when I started gaining more experience in life and understood more about the world and times in which I live in, did I start working on my writing and ideas for stories.


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