A Man’s Life and Death: Martin Manley

Martin Manley: Life & Death
Since the media outlets in Kansas City started reporting this website from Martin Manley, a resident of the KC area, there have been attempts to censor this man’s website, which begs the question: why?
If the immediate knee jerk reaction(s) to bring down the site were due to Martin’s choice to end his life when he saw fit, then why does our society (or even Western Civilization?) find this offensive? Or, rather, if it was the website’s hosting provider that attempted to stop the site, then how far do corporations (especially corporations involved with social media) have the right to censor users?
Regardless, Mr. Manley’s site is very interesting and thought provoking. I wish Martin well on his next journey and comfort to his family and friends who knew him.


7 thoughts on “A Man’s Life and Death: Martin Manley

  1. It was fascinating reading. I keep going back to it, and no it does not make me want to kill myself. He knew what he was doing, it clearly was not impulsive. Yahoo accepted his damn money, now they need to put that site back up. I feel compassion for this unique individual, feel he rationalized quite a bit, but covered his spirituality, and other aspects. The rest is between him and God. I believe his thoughts have merit and in some ways are comforting. I have a husband that committed suicide 25 years ago, after many attempts, and his thought process was certainly not clear. This man’s was, whether or not we agree with it. Again, a fascinating look at a rigid personality’s perspective and coping. I do not advocate this exit, but this guy had a plan…..and implemented it to the end.

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  3. I have now read all of the site. I am oddly intrigued by it. His need to be remembered makes my heart ache, but we all have that to a certain degree. He deserves the respect he sought, whether or not we agree. If you don’t want to read it, don’t. But if you do, there are so many heartfelt emotions that this man needed to be known. I am assaulted by every obscene deviant sexual rape, murder, carnage, assault, indignity of all mankind in every direction from the moment I turn on tv, radio, pull up internet, read a paper, yet someone finds this too much to let it exist, per his wishes and plans? I don’t get that. I really don’t. I have actually saved it to my hard drive because I don’t want to lose it. I felt he was owed that. I will think of you often Mr. Manley, as an interesting man. I won’t pity you. God receive you and comfort those you left behind.

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